PACKING : (4*30) 120 Tablets (Set of 2)


MIGROWIN tablet cures migraine and increase own’s intellect, memory power, Endurance Enhancer, and keeps one calm.

MIGROWIN tablet with other benefits

  • It relives from constant headaches, anxiety, stress. The tablet is great for Athletes, entrepreneurs, students, senior citizens, women and men. It boosts memory and protects brain from oxidative and neurotoxic damage.
  • By enhancing cognitive ability and mental clarity, it helps to reduce nervous tension and sleeplessness.

In which conditions MIGROWIN is helpful?

In today’s hectic world, the human body is prone to many diseases, the most common being headaches and low energy, fatigue, not getting enough rest or sleep, emotional and mental stress, resentment, unilateral pain in the head and/or face, sleeplessness. Problems are other diseases, so it’s helpful to take MIGROWIN tablet.

Additional information

1000 Tabs (Retail), 1000 Tabs (Trade), 120 Tabs (Retail), 120 Tabs (Trade), 200 Tabs (Retail), 200 Tabs (Trade), 60 Tabs (Retail), 60 Tabs (Trade)

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