PACKING: 60 TABLETS (Set of 3)

ARSHARAJ Tablet cures all types of piles (Haemorrhoid) and other problems. By its use, the purification of stool is equalized and maintained and at the same time the digestive power is strengthened, and burning sensation is quenched from the beginning.

What’s more in ARSHARAJ tablet?
This tablet is made from digestive, anti-bacterial, common antitoxin, treating ailments like Haritaki or Jamikand. This ARSHARAJ Auyrvedic tablet helps relieve constipation, pain, burning sensation, itching and control bleeding regarding with piles. This natural piles medicine contains neem seeds, Lembodi, and Bakayanfal that helps to arrest bleeding and promotes wound healing along with digestion. It helps with piles symptoms such as swelling, burning, and pain.

Why should take ARSHARAJ tablets?
Everyone wants healthier lives but our certain unnecessary diets cause big issues. Lack of blood in the body in bleeding piles is also one of these unnecessary reasons.

Haemorrhoid can be itchy and painful. Blood can collect inside the Haemorrhoid, which is the cause of a painful, hard lump. Apart from this, you can also get skin tags, blood clots or infection from the Haemorrhoid, so by taking 2-3 tablets of ARSHARAJ, you can remove all these problems and observe new level of power once again.

This tablet also makes the body healthy by increasing the production of hemoglobin and R.B.C. in the blood.

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