STRIP PACKING (4*30) : 120 Tab (Set of 2)


Acidity, colic, burning sensation of chest and stomach, vomiting, and colic are anti-inflammatory.


ACIRAJ tablet is especially an anta-acid (acidity). Curing problems like thoracic area, agitation/irritation (discomfort), flatulence & non-ulcer dyspepsia, vomiting as well as provides quick solutions for acidity indigestion and constipation.

Why should take an ACIRAJ tablet?

In case of acidity, there is a burning sensation from stomach to the throat region, the eyes become watery and there is heaviness after the meal. In such a condition, it is beneficial to take ACIRAJ tablet. Furthermore, ACIRAJ tablet is formulated especially for quick treatment of hyperacidity, acid reflux, and gas. The result is also beneficial in colic and anandrava colic.

Eating excessive food, affects both our heart and mind, due to which it is possible to develop irritability, angry nature, in such a situation ACIRAJ tablet is 100% Auryvedic medicine which gives you instant relief by fighting the side effects of food continuously. ACIRAJ tablet, which is suitable for many major medicines, destroys the acidity of shine and gives life to the patient.

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