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VOLUME: 200ML (Set of 4)

SHAKTIDA syrup is digestive, immunity booster, functional, aerating.

What’s more in it?
This tablet is digestive, strength & power, intellect and memory enhancer.

It reduces stress, improve mood and mental function. It contents Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Vitamin E makes it one of the best Auyrvedic remedy in the market that will balance and improve your physical and mental fitness.

Why you should take SHAKTIDA Syrup with SHAKTIDA tablet?
A combination of SHAKTIDA syrup and SHAKTIDA tablet means solution of several problems including feeling sleepy, brain fog, lack of motivation, low testosterone, depression, irritability, anemia, decrease in muscle mass and more.

It replenishes your body with amino acids that are good for speeding up the recovery process of muscles and tissues.

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