VOLUME:60 TABLET (Set of 3)

SKINORAJ tablet cures blood disorders, gall disorders, acne, nails, skin diseases, leprosy and obstruction.

What’s more in SKINORAJ?

SKINOROJ tablet is a 100% ayurvedic supplement made from Manjishtha, Punarnava, Amalaki, Bhumi Amala, Bawachi, Kanchnar, Giloy, Haritaki, Chirayata, Neem, Gulab, Sonageru, Ras Manikya, Gandhak RAsayan and Anantmool along with modern pharmaceutical technique that help your skin to reduce PITTA or VATA, detoxifies blood impurities, burn marks, scars, stretch marks, rashes, eczema and vitiligo patches also. By using it, you may get a holistic, scientific detoxification from free-radicals and toxins in the skin.

Why you should utilize SKINORAJ tablet?

  • Due to antithesis intake, the digestive system gets distorted and contaminates the juice and blood, due to which the skin starts looking distorted, hence the consumption of SKINAROJ tablet cures (skin diseases) and gives natural color to the skin.
  • At the time of entering puberty from adolescence, the pimples on the face are cured by this, due to which the face looks beautiful. Similarly, SKINORAJ tablet removes black, white spots on the skin and various skin diseases.
  • Apart from diseases, a healthy person in spring should consume it to avoid skin disorders.
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