VOLUME: 200ML (Set of 4)

ROOP PRABHA Syrup removes blood disorder, gall disorder, acne, pimples, dermatitis.

What’s more in ROOP PRABHA syrup?
The great mixer of Neem, Chandan, Punarnava, Munnaka, Amalaki in this syrup which helps your skin heal, nourish it from inside out.
Enhancing your skin’s glow is the motive of this syrup. It increases production of collagen, detoxify skin, improved hydration, slows skin aging and improved skin quality. Removing impurities from the blood and helping to treat constipation is common benefits of this syrup.

In which cases you should take it?

Pollution and soil, drinking more coffee, more smoking and drinking alcohol, genetic problem, hormonal misbalance, excessive scrubbing are due to thread spots and nail-acne on the face, hence the use of ROOP PRABHA syrup helps avoiding these problems

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