VOLUME:60 Tablets (Set of 3)


  • VATRAJ tablet is beneficial in diseases like rheumatism, rheumatism, colic, exemplary, etc.
  • VATRAJ tablet is prepared from the medicines that regulate digestion, Dyspepsia, aerating, syndrome, diuretics, Chemical Synergic and metal nutrient deed.

Other benefits of VATRAJ tablet
This medicine provides permanent health benefits in diseases like Warts, Heart disease (Sciatica), Cumin, Paralysis, Anaemia, etc. This tablet is beneficial for Warts, Paralysis, and anaemia. These tablets can control stress by reducing the level of stress hormones.
Sh. Shallaki, Sh. Parad, Sh. Gandhak, ShKuchala, Soonth, Kail Mirch, Pipalli, Haritaki, Amla, Nagarmotha, Vividanga and Deodaru make this remedy effective especially for improving muscle strength by promoting muscle growth by increasing hormone levels in the body. These helpful ingredient recovers your body during exercise.

Why it must in old age?
In old age, musculoskeletal disorder increases, which leads to various disorders of air. In such a situation VATRAJ is extremely useful. There is only air in the body and due to the movement of contaminated air, sometimes there is pain here and there. VATRAJ tablet has effect on air disorders of the whole body. There is no side effect of VATRAJ tablet.

Osteoarthritis, a “wear and tear” disease, is the most common type of arthritis. Bursitis occurs when the sac of fluid that helps to cushion your joints becomes inflamed hence the solution to problems like bursitis and Osteoarthritis is VITRAJ tablet.

Our Hydraulic system get affected by Hydraulic fluid Aeration cause leaking inlet lines, leaking system O-rings, Pump shaft seal leakage, and others so making habit of VATRAJ tablet can release you from such types of dangerous disease.

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