VOLUME:50ML (Set of 4)
ORTHORAJ Oil is beneficial for all types of pain such as Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Gout, Strains, Sprains and other injuries.

What’s more in ORTHORAJ Oil?
In the older age, weakness of bones is common which causes various types of pain, so old people should take ORTHORAJ oil. Even short-term pain and joint inflammation can affect your quality of life, so clove oil, camphor, peppermint satva and other astringents made in this can quickly eliminate your swelling and pain.

Why you should take it?

As mentioned above, bone pain and swelling are common in old age, so continuous consumption of ARSHRAJ tablet with this oil can eliminate pain from your life.

It is made from 100% Ayurvedic ingredients so its safe to use. ORTHORAJ Oil aims to reduce pain and inflammation and preserve joint function.

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