VOLUME: 10GM (Set of 4)

Pharmacology : Hematinic, restorative, anti- diabetic and vitalizer.

Indications : General weakness , chronic fever, diabetes ,respiratory ailments restlessness and anemia . It also improves vigour and vitality.

Dosage : for 5 to 10 years : 120 mg for 11 to 25 years : 240 mg and above 25 years : 360mg in the morning and evening with honey or as directed by the physician

Packing : 5g, 10g, 250g and 500g.

Diet : Light and easily digestible food.

Avoid : Jaggery , chillies pulses and sour food like tamarind, curd , tomatoes etc.

Caution: To be taken under medical supervision only.

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