VOLUME: 40 Tablets (Set of 4)

Bhavana : Decoction of arjun ( Terminalia arjuna ) bark

Pharmacology : Anti– anaemic and cardiac stimulant

Indications : This tonic nourishesthe body tissues and provides strength to heart muscles. Continuous administration provides strength to heart, lungs and nerves. This medicine is also beneficial in irregular heartbeat, palpitation, breathlessness , chest pain and pain in the heart region resulting from anaemia . Continuous administration of this medicine calms the brain and helps in sound sleep

Dosage: 1 to 2 tablets ( 250mg-500 mg) in the morning and evening with honey or as directed by the physician

Diet : Milk, fruit juice, easily digestible and nutritious food

Avoid : Fried , spicy and heavy food

Caution : To be taken under medical supervision only

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