Volume: 10 Tablets

Dosage/Proportion: Give 1-1 tablet twice a day according to the disease with medicine and proper proportion.

Properties and uses: This is a famous medicine for diabetes. By removing diabetes, polyuria, all types of gonorrhea, impotence, soma disease, leucorrhoea, vaginal disease, uterus disorder, thinning of semen, male and female genital disorders, etc., it creates new energy in the body. Heart and lungs get strength from this. It cures heart weakness, colic, brain weakness, confusion, lack of memory, sleeplessness etc. By increasing various powers, it increases the metals and gives strength to the heart and brain. Increases Kanti, Oj and Shukra in the body.

Helpful Yoga: ChandraprabhaVati, LodhradiKashay, JambubeejGhanvati, GuduchiGhanvati, RasayanChurna Tablet, Triphala Guggul, GokshuradiKashay, PunarnavadiKashay.

Packing: 10, 25 Tablets.

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