VOLUME:200ML (Set of 4)

SHWASRAJ Syrup cures cough, breathing problems.

Other specifications

It removes all kinds of impurities and coughs. Its herbs provide long-lasting relief from respiratory problems include antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. This juice improves overall lung health. It removes free radicals produced by smoking.

Why you should use it?

  • It removes normal cough, whooping cough, Hooping cough, and asthmatic cough. Herbs in SHWASRAJ syrup helps to relief nasal congestion, dry cough, throat irritation, and improve your respiratory health.
  • SHWASRAJ Syrup gives you a new healthy life by becoming a solution to the problems like COPD, Asthma, and Dehydration in the body, Blood clots, Watery eyes, Sound while breathing.
  • Consumption of SHWASRAJ Syrup is beneficial in children, youth, old age, women, and women.
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