VOLUME: 200ML (Set Of 4)


COUGHRAJ syrup cures cough, breathing, catarrh.

COUGHRAJ contributed in other diseases

  • It removes normal cough, whooping cough, Hooping cough, and asthmatic cough. Herbs in COUGHRAJ syrups helps to relief nasal congestion, dry cough, throat irritation, and improve your respiratory health.
  • It’s highly effective herb “pippali” treats cough, asthma, and bronchitis, as well as helps to rejuvenate the lungs by expelling out the mucus form the respiratory tract.

Why you should purchase it?

In today’s part-time life, breathlessness is a common disease, so if it is necessary to conquer it as soon as possible otherwise allergies, obesity, smoking, pollution, extreme cold, anxiety, cancer, TV, asthma, heart problem, and anemia but You can get rid of all these problems by taking COUGHRAJ syrup daily.

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