VOLUME:200ML (Set of 4)

MEDHATONE SYRUP is a giver of health, intelligence, memory, patience, strength, radiance and mental peace. For students and old people, pronunciation is a purifying intellect and memory enhancer. And it is beneficial in feminism.

What’s more in MEDHATONE syrup?

  • Human beings have many mental ailments in the physical age. And there is a lack of memory power, in such a time MEDHATONE syrup is very beneficial. This is useful to increase intelligence, intelligence, power and memory power.
  • Additionally, it boosts cognitive functioning, release stress & anxiety level, takes care of psychological imbalances and works as antidepressants & anxiolytic

Why Utilize this?

It is beneficial for the healthy person, student, scientist, lawyer, teacher, women, old man, and those with mental work, they should consume them and it cures dyspepsia, mania, insomnia, heart disease and slow intellect.

The herb distributed in it acts on the body and brain to reduce excessive aggression, hyperactivity and impulsivity in children.

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