VOLUME: 200ML (Set of 4)

VATRAJ Syrup is beneficial in diseases like rheumatism , colic, euphoric, etc.
VATRAJ Syrup is prepared from the medicines that regulate digestion, Dyspepsia, aerating, syndrome, diuretics, Chemical Synergic and metal nutrient deed.

What’s more in VATRAJ syrup?
This rheumatism provides permanent health benefits in diseases like Warts, Heart disease (Sciatica), Coma, Cumin, Paralysis, Anaemia, etc. This syrup helps in Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure & Respiratory Disorders.

The purpose of manufacturing VATRAJ Syrup is to provide you with all the basic benefits of Triphala by using pure, raw herbs (instead of extracts) and adding no artificial colours or flavours. VATRAJ Syrup helps you fight constipation and improve digestion.

Why you should take it?
There is only air(VATA) in the body and due to the movement of contaminated air, sometimes there is pain here and there. VATRAJ syrup has effect on air (VATA) disorders of the whole body.

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