VOLUME:100GM (Set Of 6)


This CHURNA promotes Stomachic, digestion and cures carminative and blood disorder.

What’s more in UDERRAJ CHURNA?

  • This powder is cure of all the diseases of the stomach, especially ahmaa, (GASTRIC Trouble), distortion, Piles, Hiccups and others.
  • UDERRAJ CHURNA present in the digestive fibres serves as a prebiotic and helps regulate blood sugar. UDERRAJ CHURNA in this blend serves as a food for good gut bacteria and promotes good gut health. So, have UDERRAJ CHURNA regularly and get well gut health, everyday!

Why you should take it consistently?

  • Predominantly in cities, complaints of gastric trouble are common in people working less and more than 50 years of age. The use of one teaspoon UDERRAJ CHURNA after meal is immediately beneficial in the said blood.
  • In this, the heat of the digestive system makes it very useful by combining substances with sacral properties.
  • This powder provides strength to the liver, bile, helps in digestion, removes the air stored in the stomach, and eliminates the germs and removes the foul door produced in the stomach.
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