Swarna Sootshekhar Ras



VOLUME: 10Tablet

Dosage/Proportion: Give 1-1 tablet 2 times a day with honey, cow’s ghee, DadimSwaras or Takra depending on the disease.

Properties and uses: Acidity, vomiting, congestion, cough, dyspepsia, flatulence, hiccups etc. are destroyed by the use of this chemical. This rasayana pacifies pitta and vata disorders. If there is acidity and pungency due to vitiation of bile, or if bile in the stomach or gall bladder has become unable to perform its function due to weakness, then it improves it. That’s why Sutshekhar juice is used more in diseases caused by sour vomiting in acidity, pain in the bowel, Udvart etc. Apart from being destroyer of bile defects, it is also a heart booster and collector.
That’s why it is given in the first and second stage of Rajayakshma and in vata-predominant diseases such as sorghum and diarrhoea, to reduce diarrhea and to strengthen the heart. By removing the distortion of digestive bile, it illuminates the gastric fire and removes the pain in the chest because it is also a pain reliever.

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