VOLUME:100GM (Set Of 6)


SHIVALEX churna cures purgative, and digestive. It cures , jaundice, cough and constipation.

Other specifications

  • Enriched with potent Ayurvedic herbs namely Haritaki, Saunth, Sania, Nishoth this tablet is good for the digestive system, and gets instant relief from digestion issues like acidity and bloating.
  • It promotes a greater digestive balance. With its laxative properties, SHIVALEX churna helps relieve constipation and also eases bowel movements. These herbs promote satiety and help prevent overeating.

Why you should use it?

Gallstones, Eating a lot of chocolate, Spicy food, Obesity, Peptic ulcer, Stomach cancer, Burning sensation in the chest, Nausea, Sleep deprivation, Flatulence, Not digesting food, Gas formation in the stomach, Constipation complaints of heartburn and other causes of dyspepsia which can be relieved by means of SHIVALEX churna.

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